To cover all state owned rooms

1. All posts shall comply with the Terms and Conditions of Hyperchat.


2. All flaming posts shall be removed.
Flaming non members will receive a one week ban from the cork.
Flaming members will be given a warning, if they continue to flame then they will have a one week ban from the cork.
( 'flaming' is defined as the act of attacking the typist or the Homestone of JAG through verbal (typed) abuse.)

3. All state owned rooms are open to everyone whether member or non member.

4. Posts upon the JAG cork will be relevant to Gor, JAG, its Citizens and Home Stones. This includes IC and OCC discussions, sharing of rp ideas, avatars, trivia and subjects that advance roleplay. Posts that contain r/t information, jokes and birthday wishes should be posted to the RT/OOC cork.

5. Any posts strictly of an RT nature will be removed

6. The cork will be an avatar free zone.

7. No requesting of materials that are protected under the copywrite laws of the United States.

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This page was last updated on 26th of September 2012