Welcome to The Justice Alliance of Gor, better known as JAG!

This Sister State of #r-soi@soi(The State of Insanity) is a collection of citizen owned rooms and their purpose and administration varies widely.

Most rooms in Jag have a Gorean theme or feel to them, so please be respectful of the room owner's wishes when it comes to their rooms. They own them and have a plan for them, so please check for a rules page. Often a rules page is located on the home page for each room. (Like this!) You can find it when you click the link titled with the name of the room towards the top of any room and again at the bottom of the page.

About this particular room #r-jagcork@jag(Jag Cork)

The JAG Cork is a central comminication hub for all those who call Jag home, regardless of their 'tail' (Sister site they got their account through). You do not need to be a paid member to use this board. You only need to follow the rules set for it.

Gor can be a harsh place, but please remember actions in this area are a reflection of us all to newcomers who may come in to ask questions or post announcements. Be aware that this cork is classed as 'SFW'. No avatars are allowed for example.

Rules for this cork:

As voted on by the community -

1. Posts upon the JAG cork will be relevant to Gor, JAG, its Citizens and Home Stones. This includes IC and OCC discussions, sharing of rp ideas, avatars, trivia and subjects that advance roleplay. Posts that contain r/t information: I.E. deaths, asks for prayers, jokes and birthday wishes should be posted to the RT/OOC cork.

2. Any posts strictly of an RT nature will be removed and reposted by the admin to the RT Cork

3. The cork will be an avatar free zone.

4. No requesting of materials that are protected under the copywrite laws of the United States.
---Aka copies of the books

JAG State Room Rules

To cover all state owned rooms and corks -

1. All posts shall comply with the Terms and Conditions of Hyperchat.
Found here: SITE RULES

2. All state owned rooms are open to everyone whether member or non member.

3. All flaming posts will be deleted.
....Flaming non members will receive an instant one week ban from the room or cork the flame was posted in/on.
....Flaming members will be given a warning.

....If they continue to flame:
....Then they will have a one week ban from the room or cork the flame was posted in/on
....each time the rules are violated.

'Flaming' Defined:
Flaming is defined as the act of attacking the typist or a Homestone of JAG
................................through verbal (typed) abusive language.

4. To get a ban lifted Msg ....Jag~Admin

JAG State rooms, corks & account pages are maintained by Jag~Admin
Report violations of SOI rules to seph@soi

This page was last updated on 20th of March 2019